G8PUT Logbook Project Wish List
These are things that have been asked to include in future releases.
How long they will take depends on how difficult they prove to be,
how many people ask for them and which I choose to do first.

Requested Feature Comments
QSO Record Number This function might be easily be added, however additional named columns present a little bit of a problem as I have no way of knowing what columns have already been set up by users, and which of the 50 columns available have been used.
The answer may be to allow the user to allocate functions like this to a particular column of their choice in the column set up screen. Therefore it could be made available in the SILVER and GOLD versions.
Plan Band/Mode. When user enter frequency, then program auto set the band and mode, as follow: if user enter 14,014, then program auto set data in band field as 20 meters and CW as mode, and so on for each band or part of the band. The frequency / band should not be too difficult. I think it could be selected as a choice in the administration screen.
Any column can already be made to 'copy down' to the data entry line.
Use log files in Dropbox. This may be possible, the problem is that dropbox locks the file when it is updating it, so will cause significant delays when using the program. I am trying out various ideas to see if I can solve this.
3D Maps. To show both stations connected. This should not be too difficult when some of the other features are done.
Table show countries worked or confirmed by band and mode This should not be difficult, the display would need to be meaningful.
Graphic statisics by mode, by band, confirmed, worked, waiting qsl, and so on. This should not be too time consuming at some time in the future